Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I was wandering through Janna's blog and came across a post in which she designed her own South Park character. There are numerous such sites, but Janna suggested this one. After fooling around on the others, I discovered that she was right; this one offers the most options.

My first move was, of course, to design myself:

Not a bad likeness, really. In real life, my cheekbones are a little more prominent.

Misanthropster created this version of herself:

This, actually, looks a lot like her, although, again, her face is more sculpted and less...spherical. Also, I noticed that we were trending a little toward the Addams Family. At any rate, Misanthropster then designed George, with a little help from me:

Just like in real life, she has her mother's eyes and my mouth. However, in real life, she doesn't let us put hats on her.

Here's our family portrait. It isn't drawn to scale.

If Christmas hadn't already passed, I would have put it on cards. As it stands, I think I might send out Groundhog Day cards this year.

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