Thursday, November 15, 2007

Me, in Flannel

The amazing, incomparable Glamourpuss has nominated me for the "Blog Most Likely to Inspire a Pair of Pyjamas" award. I was, of course, deeply honored, although her post forced me to look up the word "winceyette," which apparently refers to a kind of flannel that is soft on both sides. I'm already trying to find ways to fit my new word into sentences. Of course, I could go with the obvious:

"Are those pajamas winceyette?"

Unfortunately, however, my limited contact with pajama wearers makes it difficult to pull this one off, so I need to explore my options. I'm considering the poetically ironic:

"Your love embraces me like a winceyette straitjacket."

Alternately, there's the disdainfully ironic:

"Maine's nice, if you're into winceyette lingerie."

And one can always go for the ironically surreal:

"Michael Jackson isn't into children. He just has a winceyette fetish."

I'm sure that I'm woefully misusing the word (not to mention overindulging in irony), but such is the cost of innovation. While I work on my winceyette usage, I feel obliged to pass on this outstanding award. Oddly enough, it only took me a couple of seconds to imagine the pajamas that the following five bloggers inspired. I think that this, more than anything else, demonstrates the genius of this award!

1. Hearts in San Francisco would definitely be silky, colorful, and sophisticated. Perhaps it's just because of her Wizard of Oz avatar, but I envision something in black and dark green, with a dramatic splash of red sequins.

2. Judith seems suited to something flowing, yet subtle. Perhaps a celestial screen print, accented with occult symbols, on a background of dark blue.

3. Maybe it's just the photograph on Nosjunkie's blog, but I see her pajamas as being more dramatic. Perhaps black vinyl, perhaps leather. Basically, I imagine her pajamas as a cross between a Cenobite from Hellraiser and Hugh Hefner.

4. Odat's pajamas are warm, fuzzy, and embracing. They're multi-layered, made out of flannel, and perfect for curling up with a cup of hot chocolate. They come in warm, friendly colors and are embroidered with monkies.

5. When I was coming up with Jamiesmitten's pajamas, I cheated a little: I looked at the Halloween pictures on her blog. Her pajamas are relaxed, playful, and come with a pair of ears.

So there you go. One award, five bloggers, and the pajamas that they inspired. Have a very winceyette day!

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